Rules And Regulations

i) He / She has attained the age of eighteen years.
ii) He / She promises to abide by the rules and regulations and decisions taken by the society regarding the amendments of the principle rules and regulations.
iii) He / She must follow the objects of the society.
iv) Every member of the society shall deposit a life membership fee of Rs. 1000/- ( Rupees One thousand only )


i) Death of the member.
ii) If of unsound mind or a lunatic.
iii) If adjudged insolvent.
iv) If convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude under Indian penal laws.
v) If he / she resigns his / her office giving written notice addressed to the president of the society and the same is not withdrawn before the date on which such resignation is to take effect.
vi) If found guilty of any misappropriation of funds of the society or is involved in anti society activities.