Meeting of the Governing Body

  1. The governing body shall meet at least once in every quarter, provide that the general secretary may as and when he deems necessary.
  2. At least three days clear notice shall be required to be given of a meeting of governing body. However under emergent circumstances a meeting of the governing body may be called by the General Secretary with the approval of the primary founder members.
  3. The president of the society shall preside over all the meetings of the governing body and if he is not present or is unwilling to act as chairman, the members present may choose any of them to be the chairman of the meeting.
  4. The meetings may be adjourned from time to time by the chairman with the approval of the meeting and if at a duly convened meeting the quorum is not present within fifteen minutes of the appointed time, the meeting shall be adjourned to such time as may be decided by the chairman.
  5. Two-third of the total number of members shall be the quorum for the meetings of governing body.
  6. At a meeting of governing body, every member shall have one vote.
  7. Except as otherwise provided in any law for the time being in force, a resolution at a governing body meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present.
  8. The minutes of the proceedings of every meeting of the governing body shall be entered in a book kept for the purpose and signed by the members at the following meeting. The minutes duly entered and signed shall be conclusive evidence of the business transacted at such meeting.