Governing Body Of The Society
i) The governing body of the society shall consist of eleven members.
ii) The members of the governing body shall be elected from amongst the members of the society at a general meeting.
iii) The superintendence, control, direction and management of the affairs of the society, its income and property (moveable and immoveable) shall be entrusted to the governing body.
iv) The term of the governing body shall be five years.
v) There shall be a president, a general secretary, a treasurer, vice presidents, a joint secretary and secretaries in governing body. However if necessary, for any of its functions, the governing body may identify any member and give him appropriate designation and allowances, if necessary.
vi) The members of the governing body shall unanimously elect a president, general secretary and a treasurer from amongst themselves and in case unanimity is not possible, by a majority of votes. The term of the office of the president, general secretary, treasurer and other executive’s shall be five years.
vii) The President, General Secretary or Treasurer may be honorary or full time worker. They shall be entitled to draw an appropriate amount of salary or allowance as may be decided by the governing body.
viii) Every year a list of governing body office bearers and members shall be filed in the office of registrar of societies, Delhi as required u/s 4 of society’s registration act of 1860.
ix) To continue the spirit of the society and maintain its aims and objects, four primary founder members will be final authority in any situation.